Care Instructions

Caring for your hosiery is easy and effortless. By following our simple directions, your hosiery will go the extra mile.

The rules of care are similar to other products produced with delicate materials – wash them carefully, never machine dry, and store gently.

Read our tips on how to keep your hosiery in beautiful condition, on and off your legs!


Make sure you are putting your hosiery on properly. Slip in to your Hosiery only after rolling them all the way down. Gently roll up over your feet, heel, calf and thigh, stopping to adjust if necessary rather than tugging at the end. This helps stop unnecessary stretching. To prevent snags and runs. Remove any jewelry that may get in the way and make sure your toenails and fingernails are smooth and filed. You can even wear soft, smooth gloves.
When removing roll them down just like you put them on


Gently wash your hosiery after every wear, either by hand (recommended) or in the washing machine in a mesh lingerie bag. If by hand, soak in mild soap, lukewarm water, then rinse until you have removed all soap.If you machine wash use the delicate setting with cold water only. After washing, lay flat (on a towel, for example) to air dry and whatever you do, never tumble dry, ever. Although a machine might be used for washing, you should never machine dry. The heat and movement can damage the material and cause it to lose its stretch.


After taking care when wearing, washing, and drying you don’t want them to get damaged in your drawers! Fold your fine hosiery and place them in a drawer away from any items with zippers, clasps, or other parts that could snag fabric. There you have it! Caring properly will increase the life of your hosiery and it won’t be a one night stand affair! Only true love can last forever. When it’s time, it’s time: buy another pair or two!

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